8 Reason’s Why You Need An Agent

8 Reason’s Why You Need An Agent
When there's plethora of information present online, sellers often ask if they need to hire a real estate agent. Their question is valid, for there are multiple advertising channels rising up every single day and some don't even require agent representation. Although there are sellers that are successful, there are plenty of others that aren't. If you have the same question in mind, here's 8 reasons why you need to hire a professional real estate agent.

Reason 1: The Price Is Right

Agents understand the market conditions and the total overview of the industry. They are well aware of the stats and figures and can easily list the house at the right price. This in itself can already place the property in good standing as it enters the market.

Reason 2: Level-headed Negotiation

It's easy to get passionate and lose your cool when disagreements with the buyer rise up over add-ons and repairs. And for the buyers, to feel the need of customization or additional requests to get their money's worth. One good benefit of having an agent is that they can objectively list down the requests of both parties if there are any and forward it back which can save plenty of trouble to the deal.

Sometimes, the best way to present your point is through a mediator representing your interest rather than having to deal with it on your own.

Reason 3: Professional Home Presentation

Let’s face it, agents are professional in their field for a reason. Nowadays, presentation and staging is incredibly important to securing a sale. Agents understands interior design, what is outdated and what are the must-haves buyers want in their properties.

The convenience of hiring a person that just does that every day is most practical. We're looking for more precious time in our lives, and hiring an agent gives us that. Not to mention efficiency, nobody wants to buy from somebody that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Reason 4: Large Investor and Buyer Network

Real estate agents have their own database of tenants, buyers, investors and sellers. They also network with other professionals and are members of real estate groups that gives them more reach in any market.

They also know people in the inudstry that are qualified, has a good reputation for efficiency and right pricing. All these exposure, plus references can really help you make wise selection or get faster results.

Reason 5: In-depth Understanding of Inspection Results

An agent can detect complex house issues that might be easy to miss for first time sellers and new home -owners. They can also recommend a good house inspector who will provide a detailed breakdown on problems about a property.

Some of these reports can get lengthy and confusing. Alongside with it, some issues are more important over the other or can substantially influence the deal. Having a professional can help owners prioritize these issues, have a good understanding of some reasonable requests and inform what's excessive. Which at the end of the day can save a lot of money and put down the cost.

Reason 6: Multiple Buyer Offers

Good agents not only understands your concerns but also are well aware of the best ways to close a deal. For a home-seller, being presented with multiple offers is ideal as you would want to pick the best deal possible. If you’re a buyer, you would want to know how to secure your dream property especially in a very competitive market.

Having an agent can simply provide you that missing link to the best possible scenarios without having to worry about the minute details.

Reason 7: Faster Closing Time

Selling a home usually requires dozens of paperwork, forms, and reports, not to mention technical documents, staging and presentation, and even answering questions about offers / agreements from the buyer itself - that is if there is one.

These are just some of the things you'd have to deal with when you don't have an agent. Having one saves you a hefty dose of guesswork, plus they know the law.

Reason 8: Home Sells at Top Value

All in all, the value added by hiring an agent to sell a property greatly increases the potential returns to the seller in a shorter period of time. An experienced agent will navigate the ins and outs of the negotiations and will have the fair share of interest to get the best deal possible.

If you’re looking to sell or purchase a property, talk to the experts. Realmark Karratha agents will be giving a complimentary appraisal of your property and will give you the best possible advice for your investing concerns. Talk to us today!

8 Reason’s Why You Need An Agent

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